Our mission is to connect community, local commerce, and causes in one festive family-friendly event.


  • Create an event in which budding entrepreneurs, artisans, small business owners, artists and local non profits can showcase their talents and causes.
  • Foster and help cultivate small business ideas and dreams of local community members.
  • Support the local brick and mortars in developing creative ways to increase their foot traffic and tie them into the events.
  • Design events that are family-friendly and engaging for all ages.


We are two Sunset District moms and good friends who met at Sunset Cooperative Nursery School: Laura Peschke-Zingler, succulent artist and OB surfer, and Angie Petitt-Taylor, small business owner and former producer of Antique Faire In The Park.

The idea for Sunset Mercantile emerged from conversations with other moms who had dreams of turning their hobbies and passions (outside of parenting ;-)) into viable businesses, but were hindered by the notion that to do so one would need a brick and mortar. Fueled with an awareness of the need for a pop-up venue to support these blossoming business ideas—as well as give support to already established local small businesses and the need for more unique and family friendly events in the western side of our City—we founded Sunset Mercantile, “a festive pop-up open-air metropolis” in which we invite one and all to Come Eat, Drink, Shop, Play, Connect, and BE LOCAL!

Angela Petitt-Taylor

Angela Petitt-Taylor
Co-Founder of Sunset Mercantile, small business owner, former producer of Antique Faire In The Park.

Laura Peschke-Zingler

Laura Peschke-Zingler
This OB surfer, mom and entrepreneur, with degrees in graphic art and molecular biology, was Co‑Founder of Sunset Mercantile. She has moved on and merged her passion for plants and flowers with her artistic side in creating Sea Jewel Succulents & Flora, a full service floral design company.


Alexandra Nova
Music industry veteran and Brazilian mover-and-shaker. After building her career in Brazil with Sony Music, BMG and Warner Music Brazil, she moved to San Francisco, where she’s worked at Six Degrees Records, founded the independent booking agencies Trouble Worldwide and The Future Present, and was Artistic Project Manager at history‑making SFJAZZ.

Jennifer Teu

Jennifer Teu
Sunset Mercantile’s designer and webmaster.