About Us


Our mission is to connect community, local commerce, and causes in one festive family-friendly event.


  • Create an event in which budding entrepreneurs, artisans, small business owners, artists and local non profits can showcase their talents and causes.
  • Foster and help cultivate small business ideas and dreams of local community members.
  • Support the local brick and mortars in developing creative ways to increase their foot traffic and tie them into the events.
  • Design events that are family-friendly and engaging for all ages.


Sunset Mercantile was founded in 2014 by two local sunset mamas, Angie Petitt-Taylor and Laura Peschke-Zingler, fueled by an awareness of the need for a pop-up venue to support the blossoming business ideas of local community members—as well as lend support to the already established local small businesses and to fill the need for more unique and family-friendly events in the western side of our city. The original vision of a festive pop-up open-air metropolis has evolved into a much-beloved local destination in which we invite one and all to Come Eat, Drink, Shop, Play, Connect, and BE LOCAL!


Angie Petitt

Carol Lau
Marynoel Strope
Trinity Lee
Claire Raymond
Mary Tacoroni

Kevin North
Shalini Desroches
Courtney Ryan
Karen Hendricksen

Sunset Mercantile is hiring for a variety of positions requiring a diverse range of skill sets and experience. Fill out the form at bit.ly/sunsetmercantile-jobs to learn about what we’re hiring for currently.