Join Our Events | FAQs

This is a 2-step process: (1) creating a profile and (2) applying to be a part of our event.

    1. Register and create a profile on
  1. Locate and click on the My Market tab on the left hand side of the screen
  2. Click the Apply to Market button located in the upper right hand corner
  3. Type 94122 into the search bar
  4. Scroll until you find the name of the event you wish to join
  5. Click Apply to Market
  6. Answer the market questions
  7. Click Submit
  8. There is a non-refundable application fee. Please find the application fees here.

When you first register, you’ll see the form below. You’ll need to type in your company name and email address on the first two lines, and on the next two lines create a password and confirm that password.

The dots (……) that are prefilled on the two password lines can be confusing. Once you click on the first line, the dots will disappear and you will be free to enter the password you want for your account. Then click on the next line to confirm your password. Finally, click the gold Next button and and you will be registered with Sunset Mercantile at Manage My Market!

screenshot of vendor registration form


When will I get set up instructions and details about the event?
Set-up instructions and the map will be sent out a few days before the event. Open the map attached to the email for your vendor number and placement.

When is your cancellation policy? Can I get a refund if I cancel?
Each event has their own cancellation policy and deadline. Please look carefully at the email sent after your application has been approved. Cancellations made after the deadline will result in your entire vendor booth fee being charged. No refunds will be given.

How and when do I pay for my vendor booth fee?
All vendors will be required to enter their credit card when applying for this event. That credit card on file will be charged for your vendor booth fee the week before the event/market dates. Typically right after the cancellation deadline.

Is there parking on site?
A parking lot is available for the Cole Valley Fair on a first come first serve basis. Other events will only have street parking available.

How do I qualify for a discount?
Each of our events is located in a specific zip code. Residents and business owners of each specific zip code where the event is located will receive discounted spaces. You will see which zip codes qualify for a discount when you are applying for an event. To qualify for a supportship/sponsorship discount, you will need to sponsor our event with a monetary contribution. Supportships & sponsorships receive additional perks besides discounted booth spaces please reach out to Courtney at for more information. Vendors who offer an engaging activity will also receive a discounted spot. Refer to the next question for more details about engaging activities.

What is considered an engaging activity?
Examples of engaging activities include making macrame keychains, painting pots, making a moss garden, soap molding, mini comic book workshop, etc. All activities offered must be free to the public and must be approved by event organizers to qualify for a discounted spot.

Can I share a booth?
Yes. Please list both you and your partner’s business names in the Company Name section separated by an & symbol. Please also list both businesses’ products in the Product section.

What happens if it rains?
Each event has their own rain or shine policy. Please refer to the email sent after your application has been submitted.

Do I need to bring my own tables and chairs? Do I need to bring a tent? Do I need weights for my tent?
You will need to bring your own tables and chairs. Sunset Mercantile only provides you with a space. Tents are not required, if you wish to bring a tent there must be 30lbs of weights on each leg. Vendors who have tents without weights will be asked to take down the tent or be required to rent tent weights. Tables, chairs, tents, and tent weights are available to rent. Tables cost $15-$17 each, chairs are $7 each and tents with tent weights cost $100 -$115 to rent. Tent weights cost $10 per weight.

Can I bring my dog?
Please refer to each event’s landing site for the dog policy.

Are masks required?
At this time masks are not required for vendors, and staff. Attendees are highly encouraged to wear masks but we do not have the budget to enforce it. We do ask that vendors provide hand sanitizer at their booths for their guests.

Is electricity provided?
No, if you wish to bring a generator on site to power your booth please reach out to Carol at There is a $150 generator usage fee every quarter for the farmers market. For other events please reach out to Carol for more details. Vendors who bring generators on site are required to bring a 100 extension cord, cable ramps, mats or tape to cover the extension cord, barricade around the generator (caution tape, cones, etc) and a fire extinguisher must be in their booth.

Can I set up after the event starts and/or break down before the event ends?
No. Vendors are required to set up during the set up times as dictated in your set up instructions and are required to stay for the entirety of the event. Vendors who leave early will be charged an early departure fine.

Is smoking allowed?
No smoking is allowed on site according to Health Code Article 19 I.

What fees do food vendors need to pay?
Food vendors are required to submit a completed TFF application as well as pay a quarterly fee to the health department. The TFF application only needs to be filled once a year UNLESS your menu changes. The health department requires that ALL menu items be listed on your TFF. Menu changes can only be made once a quarter and a new TFF application form must be submitted each time. If you plan to cook on site then a fire inspection permit might also be required. Please also refer to FAQ document in your Documents section for a breakdown of the prices.

What type of paperwork (referred to as Licensing on do I need to participate at OSFMM?
All farmers/agricultural producers must submit a CPC in addition to documents relevant to their products. Egg handlers license to sell eggs, milk permits to sell milk, etc. Plant sellers must have a License to sell Nursery stock in addition to their CPC. In order to be labelled an Organic Seller at a farmers market – organic certification will need to be provided. All vendors regardless of what you sell MUST provide general liability insurance as well as proof of car insurance. Please upload these documents to the web portal. Instructions for uploading a document:

  1. Log on to
  2. Locate Licensing section on the left hand side of the screen
  3. Select relevant licensing category
  4. Click the pencil icon
  5. Delete old documents/certificates on file (trash can icon)
  6. Please upload one page at a time when uploading files (if you have multiple pages – files must be in jpeg or pdf format)
  7. Enter date of expiration.
  8. Click the Submit button

Something came up and I need to withdraw. How do I do this?
Please withdraw via the web portal. Only withdrawals done via the web site will be considered. If you wish to not be charged please withdraw from the website before the date and time dictated by the cancellation policy. Full payment of vendor booth will be charged for any withdrawals done after the cancellation deadline. Instructions to withdraw/add dates:

  1. Log on to
  2. Scroll down to the Relevant Market and expand the Dates+ section under that specific market. (If you are signed up to many markets there will be a Dates+ section under each market)
  3. Click on Edit Dates – a calendar will pop up
  4. To withdraw click on the highlighted days you no longer wish to join us
  5. To add a date click on any date available to request participation
  6. Once a date has been withdrawn you will no longer be able to add it on your end please contact to add dates


All of our events have different prices so please check our guide below to see which event is best for you. The only upfront cost is the non-refundable application fee per event due upon submitting your application. This fee is charged regardless of whether your application is approved or declined.